About The Centre

The Trillium Healing Arts Centre is located at 235 9th St. E., in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.
Trillium Healing Arts promotes health, fitness, wellbeing, creativity, ecological sustainability and spiritual growth to individuals of all ages in Owen Sound and the surrounding community through naturopathic therapies as well as classes, workshops, lectures, events and films. We offer daily classes in yoga, meditation, fitness, dance, movement, and healthy living, with exceptional teachers. We strive to educate, support, elevate and inspire others to nurture body, mind and spirit and exceed their potential while living sustainably, consciously and creatively on the earth.
To be a valued, successful community and global resource educating, supporting and connecting with individuals, organizations and facilities to improve health, fitness, wellbeing, creativity, ecological sustainability and spiritual growth.

  • To engage a team of teachers who support the Trillium purpose and each other and are excited about initiating, developing and teaching classes, workshops and programs at the studio and in the local and global community.
  • To cultivate excellence in our teachers through the encouragement of ongoing training, discussion, self and peer assessments, study and a committed personal practice.
  • To work collaboratively in promoting classes and events
  • To provide a venue for community members to offer classes, workshops and events that are aligned with the Trillium purpose
  • To host lectures, workshops and events taught by respected teachers on subjects related to yoga, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, spirituality, sustainability, creativity and health
  • To offer quality naturopathic diagnostic and treatment modalities for healing
  • To create partnerships with other businesses, organizations and institutions in promoting health, fitness, wellbeing, creativity, ecological sustainability and spiritual growth
  • To embody a business model ruled by principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, responsibility, service, equality and respect
  • To encourage creativity and originality in our teachers, students, programming and outreach, while serving the needs of our community
  • To increase awareness in individuals and the local and global community of our inherent worth, inner beauty and capacity for Self-realization.

Space Rental
We rent our studio space out to individuals or groups for classes, concerts, artistic events, films, lectures etc. Currently space is available during the daytime, some evenings and on weekends. We have two studio spaces, and 30 chairs are available. We are always interested in hosting certified yoga and meditation teachers and movement specialists. The studio space includes two washrooms and if required, a screen for showing films is available as well as a projector for an extra rental fee. Please contact Trillium Healing Arts Centre office at (519) 372-9212 if you are interested in space rental.