How We Detoxify

To prevent and reverse our toxic burden, we need to:

  1. facilitate the movement of toxins out of our cells, across the cell membrane. This can be assisted by using 3000 mg daily of pure fish or flaxseed oil; having a high potassium/low sodium diet; maintaining a more alkaline pH of urine and saliva; using drainage remedies such as Unda 1, 2, 20, 258 and 48; using the ionic trace minerals copper-silver-gold (Cu-Au-Ag) and manganese-copper (Mn-Cu) (known as oligotherapy); using fresh vegetable juices, herbs and sea weeds as organic mineral sources.
  2. improve circulation with daily exercise, so carbon dioxide and cellular toxins can be carried away in the blood and oxygen can be delivered to cells
  3. increase the flow of the lymph through the lymphatic vessels by regular deep breathing, exercise, rebounding (jumping on a small trampoline), skin brushing and alternating hot and cold showers
  4. strengthen the thymus gland and improve immunity so white blood cells can demolish bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins and digest the debris carried to the lymph nodes. This is accomplished by using an herbal combination of astragalus, codonopsitis, ganoderma, schizandra, cat’s claw, pau d’arco and ligustrum.
  5. stimulate bile flow in the liver (the bile carries out the toxins) and improve liver detoxification. Use castor oil packs over the liver as needed.
  6. improve kidney drainage, so water-soluble toxins can easily exit through urine. Drink 2-3 liters of pure water daily to facilitate this.
  7. improve the composition of the bowel flora so these organisms can break down environmental and hormonal toxins and carry them out through the stools. Use a probiotic daily.
  8. increase bowel movements to 3 daily by consuming 30-40 grams of fiber daily, so toxins can leave quickly. Incorporate the use of enemas if necessary.
  9. use exercise and regular saunas to increase perspiration, so toxins can be eliminated through sweat
  10. practice deep breathing throughout the day and a specialized pranayam once a day to increase oxygen and maximize removal of toxic gases with exhalation
  11. ensure adequate rest, as we detoxify mostly at night
  12. establish periods of occasional fasting to decrease the digestive load, so energy and enzymes can be directed towards detoxification. We can choose to fast either one day a week; twice a month on the full moon and the new moon; one week every 2 months; one week every season; during the solstices and equinoxes; or according to a self selected schedule.

Manual Lymph Drainage Therapists in Toronto

Sylvia Crowhurst RMT


Pam Hammond RMT

  • Spadina-Bloor Massage Therapy Clinic
  • 344 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON
  • (416) 928-9650


Kimberly Boersen-Gladman RMT

  • St. John’s Rehab.Hospital
  • 285 Cummer Ave., North York, ON
  • North of Finch E. off Young St.
  • (416) 226-6780 ext: 7053


Jessica McEwan RMT


Julie Groulx RMT

  • St. John’s Rehab. Hospital
  • 285 Cummer Ave., North York, ON
  • North of Finch Ave. off Yonge St.
  • (416) 988-7197


Franziska Vidovich RMT

  • 595 Coldstream Ave.,Toronto,ON
  • South of Lawrence W. & Bathurst St
  • (416) 787-2223


Ly Raha RMT

  • Lyra Natural Healing Arts LTD
  • 170 The Donway, Toronto, ON
  • South of Lawrence Ave. off Don Mills Rd.
  • (416) 446-5911


Kimberly Tweedie RMT

  • 3197 Dixie Road , Mississauga, ON
  • North of Dundas W. & Willocreek Prk.
  • (416) 569-5349


Nadine Maraj-Nyiri RMT


Myrna Baker BSc N, RMT

  • The Bakerwood Massage Clinic
  • 20 Glebe Rd. W., Toronto, ON , M5P 1C9
  • South of Eglinton Ave. off Yonge St.
  • (416) 483-1988


Pauline Becker BSc, RMT

  • Competitive Edge Performance Therapy
  • 680 Huron St.,Toronto, ON
  • 2 blocks East of Spadina & Dupont
  • (647) 402-3564


Janet McFarland BSs PT and Sharon Langfield BSs PT

Biological Dentists

Biological dental practitioners recommended by Sat Dharam Kaur ND who can remove and replace mercury fillings safely, and properly assess and deal with cavitations and root canals are listed below:

Ontario, Canada

Dr. Mitra Doherty

  • Address: Laurelwod Dental Care, 600 Laurelwood Dr., Unit 145, Waterloo, Ontario N2V 0A2 
  • Tel: (519) 746-8558


Dr. Roland P. Estrabillo

Dr. Ali Farahani


British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Ara Elmajian

United States

Dr. Wesley Shankland

  • Address: Central Ohio Center for Facial Pain 158-A Commerce Park Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43082
  • Tel: (614) 794 0033


Dr. Michael Margolis