Seasonal Cleansing and Rejuvenation Program

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is an understanding of the relationship between the organs and the seasons. This program draws upon this ancient wisdom to facilitate seasonal assessment, detoxification and rejuvenation. After a year, a full cleansing and assessment of your body's systems will have occurred. Working together with your naturopathic doctor and medical doctor, you can use this as a guide to optimize your health year after year. Consult your naturopathic doctor at least every three months to diagnose any imbalance at its beginning stage, and to improve the associated organs and tissues, so that your whole body is kept finely tuned.
This Seasonal Cleansing and Rejuvenation Program was developed by Sat Dharam Kaur, ND.

The Fall Program: September 23 – December 20

Caring for Your Lungs, Large Intestine, Skin and Establishing Mineral Balance

Available Naturopathic Screening Tests:

  • Provoked urine test for toxic metals ($55 US plus $16 for DMPS) DD
  • Sulkowitch urine test for calcium (in office)
    Zinc tally taste test (in office)
  • Iodine skin test (in office)
  • Packed red blood cell levels of minerals ($136 US) DD
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with Parasitology ($245 US) DD
  • Blood Test for Pesticides, PCBs and Brominated Fire Retardants ($350 CDN)
  • Red Blood Cell Fatty Acids ($235 US) MM
  • Skin Exam
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis, iridology analysis (in office)


The Fall Program consists of:

  1. Heavy metal assessment and detoxification
  2. Bowel cleanse
  3. Yeast and parasite cleanse
  4. Skin brushing and hot/cold showers
  5. Sauna detox
  6. Clay baths
  7. Immune enhancement – flu prevention protocol
  8. Lung rejuvenation
  9. Fall foods
  10. Protecting the air in your home and community

The Winter Program: December 21 – March 20

Caring for Your Kidneys, Adrenal Glands, Bladder, Bones and the Water Element

Available Naturopathic Screening Tests:

  • pH monitoring of urine and saliva at home
  • Urinalysis (in office)
  • Biological Terrain Assessment (refer out)
  • Darkfield Microscopy/ Live Blood Analysis ($110)
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • Koenigsburg test for adrenal insufficiency (in office)
  • Ragland Postural Blood Pressure Test for adrenal health (in office)
  • Pupillary response to light for adrenal screening (in office)
  • Salivary cortisol and DHEA for adrenal monitoring ($100 US) NS
  • Urine test for bone resorption and osteoporosis risk ($120 US) MM


The Winter Program consists of:

  1. Kidney cleanse
  2. Tonification of kidney essence, yin and yang
  3. Adrenal support
  4. Exercises for a healthy bladder
  5. Bone building program
  6. Dental care
  7. Winter foods
  8. Renewing the water element


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We provide diagnostic services, including toxic metal testing, food sensitivity testing, salivary hormone testing, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, and extensive blood and urine tests for nutritional assessment.

The Spring Program: March 21 - June 20

Caring for Your Liver, Gallbladder, Tendons, Joints, Reproductive Organs, Breasts, Thyroid and the Wood Element

Available Naturopathic Screening Tests:

  • Liver and gallbladder palpation
  • Liver detoxification profile ($116 US) DD
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • Clinical breast exam
  • Breast infra red thermography ($250) MTI
  • Basal Body Temperature test (you may also need thyroid function tests from your GP)
  • Saliva, urine and/or blood tests for progesterone, estradiol, estrone, estriol,
    C2/C16 hydroxyestrone, SHBG, testosterone, melatonin, prolactin, IGF-1


The Spring Program consists of:

  1. Liver cleanse and support
  2. Liver flush
  3. Castor oil packs
  4. Gallbladder cleanse
  5. Gallbladder flush
  6. Joint support
  7. Breast care
  8. Spring foods
  9. Caring for the wood element, the trees

The Summer Program: June 21 - September 22

Caring for Your Heart, Small Intestine, Blood Vessels and Gums

Available Naturopathic Screening Tests:

  • Blood pressure
  • Tongue and pulse diagnosis
  • Darkfield microscopy ($110)
  • Biological terrain assessment
  • Cardiovascular Health Profile ($330 US) MM (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, Lipoprotein (a), ferritin, fibrinogen, C-reactive protein, CoQ10, vitamin E, lipid peroxides, homocysteine, RBC magnesium, insulin, testosterone, SHBG)
  • Oxidata test for free radical activity ($25 in office)
  • Food sensitivity testing ($300 US) IMMUNOLAB
  • Intestinal permeability testing ($50 US) DD
  • TOPAS gum toxicity test ($25)


The Summer Program consists of:

  1. Regular exercise routine
  2. Normalizing the pH of urine and saliva
  3. Allergy elimination and rotation diet
  4. Gum care
  5. Arterial cleansing and reduction of inflammation
  6. Tonifying the heart
  7. Healing and renewing the intestinal lining
  8. Reducing your impact on global warming

The Late Summer Program – August 21 - September 20

Caring for Your Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas, Muscles and Earth Element

Available Naturopathic Screening Tests:

  • Gastro-test for hydrochloric acid levels ($25)
  • Blood or saliva test for antibodies to H. pylori ($25)
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis ($255 US) DD
  • Metabolic Syndrome Profile - the test measures insulin, glucose, HDL, triglycerides, arachidonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, ADMA and determines degree of insulin insensitivity ($180 US) MM 

  The Late Summer Program consists of:

  1. Assessing and normalizing hydrochloric acid production in the stomach
  2. Testing for and eliminating Helicobacter pylori
  3. Avoiding sugar, sweets and high glycemic carbohydrates while balancing blood sugar
  4. Boosting the pancreas with increased raw food and enzymes
  5. Honouring the earth element – buy organic, grow organic, compost your food scraps