Breathwork Ceremony

Breathwork is an ancient self-healing tool: a simple yet extraordinary technique which allows us to safely reach and explore altered states of consciousness in order to access and release holding patterns and blockages that we often do not even realize exist. Results include improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and can assist in healing traumas, phobias, sleep disorders, addictions and more.

The evening begins with group discussion and exercises involving movement, breath, sound and vibration. The session itself lasts a little over an hour to a soundtrack designed to deepen and enhance the experience and includes personalized bodywork*, energy work, adjustments* and/or affirmations offered throughout the journey. Everyone's experience will be unique and can range from gentle to intense, relaxing to euphoric, painful to pleasurable and practically anything in between! There is often some form of emotional release involved. *(Can be conducted without touch.)

All props are provided and guests are requested to arrive in loose, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle along with anything else to assist on their journey (ie crystals, a journal, etc.), as well as an Intention to set for the session, if desired. It is recommend to have only a snack or light meal beforehand and bring a "grounding" snack for afterwards.

At the very least, the outcome will be softening and detoxifying...and at most, it will be cathartically life-changing! All that is necessary is an open mind and lack of expectations. Please invite anyone else you think would enjoy this practice :) 

If you are committed to personal growth and feel called to this work, I invite you to email me directly for further details and discussion* at:

Investment is $30. (Email money transfer and PayPal are accepted.)

I look forward to sharing this divine space and time with you.

Trillium Healing Arts