The Fall Program: September 23 – December 20

Caring for Your Lungs, Large Intestine, Skin and Establishing Mineral Balance

Available Naturopathic Screening Tests:

  • Provoked urine test for toxic metals ($55 US plus $16 for DMPS) DD
  • Sulkowitch urine test for calcium (in office)
    Zinc tally taste test (in office)
  • Iodine skin test (in office)
  • Packed red blood cell levels of minerals ($136 US) DD
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis with Parasitology ($245 US) DD
  • Blood Test for Pesticides, PCBs and Brominated Fire Retardants ($350 CDN)
  • Red Blood Cell Fatty Acids ($235 US) MM
  • Skin Exam
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis, iridology analysis (in office)


The Fall Program consists of:

  1. Heavy metal assessment and detoxification
  2. Bowel cleanse
  3. Yeast and parasite cleanse
  4. Skin brushing and hot/cold showers
  5. Sauna detox
  6. Clay baths
  7. Immune enhancement – flu prevention protocol
  8. Lung rejuvenation
  9. Fall foods
  10. Protecting the air in your home and community