Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

  1. Belief in the Healing Power of Nature: An individual's innate capacity to heal can be restored using methods and medicines that are in harmony with natural processes.
  2. Finding and Treating the Cause of Disease: Naturopaths help their patients seek and remove the underlying physical, emotional or spiritual cause of any ailment.
  3. First Do No Harm: Naturopaths use gentle, noninvasive therapies, with few side effects.
  4. Treat the Whole Person: Naturopaths do not treat disease, they treat people, and any ailment is looked at in the context of the patient's history, environment, mental-emotional make-up and the body as an interconnected whole system.
  5. Prevention is the Best Medicine: When risk factors are perceived, potential disease can be averted with changes in lifestyle and diet.
  6. Doctor as Teacher: Naturopaths take time to educate their patients in health practices to promote wellness.