Frances Brown


(519) 376-3797

Frances Brown began practicing mindfulness meditation in 2004 and furthered her studies during week-long retreats with Shinzen Young as well as a 3 month silent retreat in a Burmese monastery. She returned in 2007 from a 6 month term in India with Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity, helping the sick, poor and dying. After her return from Burma and India, she began teaching Mindfulness Meditation to beginners at the Trillium Healing Arts Centre in 2008.  Every other month she leads a 1/2 day Meditation retreat to those who are interested in deepening their practice.  She can also teach individuals or groups who are unable to attend scheduled sessions at the Centre.  Mindfulness Meditation provides an opportunity to bring balance and focus to one's life.  The meditation techniques help to reduce stress, be present in the moment and allow individuals to become in tune with mind, body and spirit.